CG Automotive Workhorse 9007 LED Car Headlight Kit- Premium Long-Lasting Headlights w/CG Error-Free DashTech | CANBUS+DRL | Improved Road Visibility & Safety | Exceptional Brightness | 2 Yr Warranty

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1994-02 Audi A8 (incl. S8) D2
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    AAA testing found that, at speeds greater than 45 mps, headlights may fail to safely illuminate unlit roadways.  By the time the driver sees something or someone, it may be too late to stop.  With the improved CG Automotive LED Headlight Kit, driving along pitch-black lanes and highways will drastically be less risky and hazardous.

    Our qualified team of engineers have carefully redesigned our LED headlight bulb kit not only to rival the best headlights in the market for night driving, but also to outperform the rest.  They are brighter than any other OEM halogen car light and do not produce foggy or scattered light while not being too bright to blind other motorists. Its improved beam pattern also provides a more intense spot for center and distance beam, and an increased side visibility.

    You take the extra step to buckle up for safety, so take another easy step and upgrade your headlights.  It will have a big impact on your safety during nighttime driving.  Your safety is our top priority.


    The CG Automotive Workhorse LED car lights is your best bet for brighter aftermarket headlights that will stand the test of time. Unlike other LED and halogen lights for cars in the market that have major tendencies to overheat, these 25W powered lamplights are housed in aircraft grade aluminum case for maximum heat dissipation capability, preventing light decay and ensuring a lifespan of at least 30,000 operating hours. 

    The advanced heat sink is fanless which means there are no moving parts to break or fail.  The unique design efficiently wicks away heat from the bulb improving performance and durability.

    All our LED replacement headlight kits are constructed from high quality materials and are sealed from dust and dirt. They are also waterproof and can withstand immersion in water up to 1 meter. They are sized to perfectly fit stock headlights and plug directly into any OEM socket as well. Space saving and compact, these LED car light bulbs come with a heat sink that can be adjusted for hoods with limited space.



    Improved and modernized design. Fully reengineered to compete with the best aftermarket headlights of its kind, these LED light bulbs for cars are CAN-bus and DRL error-free. The updated version of our own CG Automotive Workhorse LED lights comes with a driver that protects against any flickering or error codes on your dashboard.

    Superior brightness.  Standard factory halogen bulbs produce a low number of lumens while the CG Automotive Workhorse LED driving lights have upgraded lumens for a higher output while maintaining surprisingly low power consumption. These headlights also feature a fully adjustable bulb collar that allows beam angle adjustment.

    Customize for a brand new look. These LED vehicle lights are available in three colors for you to choose from. While the cool white light can make any car look like it’s fresh off the dealership, feel free to pick from any of the two colored filters, cool blue or intense amber, and steer away from the traditional to add pizzazz to your car. Although the car lights differ in color, they don’t sacrifice brightness and still give off the same luminosity to ensure road safety with your everyday drive.


    With a simple and straightforward configuration, this LED headlight kit can be installed by anyone.

    1. Install the O-ring and glass tube
    2. Screw off the top cap from the lamp body by twisting it counterclockwise
    3. Place the O-ring first and then carefully put the glass tube.
    4. Return the top cap and gently turn it clockwise to tighten
    • Warning: Glass may break if excessive pressure is applied


    Set up the CG Automotive Workhorse LED Headlights for H4/H7 automotive led lights, follow these steps:

    • Pull up the headlight socket
    • Install and fix the socket
    • Insert the lamp body
    • Fix the driver inside your vehicle with zip ties
    • Connect the power line with the original car lamp connector
    • Tip: Adjust beam pattern as desired


    For other sizes led headlamp sizes, these instructions will come in handy:

    • Put in the lamp body
    • Fix its position by rotating it 45-degree clockwise
    • Fix the driver inside your vehicle with zip ties
    • Connect the power line with the original car lamp connector
    • Tip: Remove screw to adjust lighting pattern


    Need headlights for a different car?

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