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"I agonized over this decision to purchase these lights for a few weeks. I was afraid that these lights would start flickering or give me a check engine light based on a lot of the reviews I've read about other similar brands. But to my pleasant surprise this kit has the anti-flicker and no check engine light technology built right in. The headlight kit itself came in a very nice package displaying it various features. The build quality of the lights look and feel very durable. After I removed my old bulbs the lights were very easy to install. The lights have a high end look to them and provide more visibility to the road when driving at night. Overall a really great buy."Thomas, Decatur GA
"They put out a lot of light output for given amount of wattage. I have notice when cranking the engine with the headlights on, the headlights doesn’t even dim. I think it’s because the output is regulated which means even when operating at a slightly higher voltage the lights remains at the same brightness. Also no warm-up is necessary, they reach full brightness when you first turn them on. When using these on a non-projection headlight housing be sure to slightly aim the lights lower than using tungsten filament bulbs to avoid blinding other drivers. These LED lights was fairly easy to install. It does not require any special wiring practically plug-and-play unlike some HID headlights."Peter, San Francisco CA
"These are the only leds that work on my Dodge Ram 1500 Big Horn, 2016. The decoder is built in. Extremely well made. In addition, I have used the cellophane inserts to change the kelvin, (light color) to in the yellow 3k range. They work great, in fact flawless."Dodge Ram Owner
"I am greatly happy about this product. exactly as they described it, is exactly how I received it. They are 1,000 times brighter than factory and HID factory and after market. Honestly if you do not have this item on your car to help you see at night, then you are not seeing at all. Trust me i am a car enthusiast and love to try new things and get the best for my dollar. You have nothing to loose and so much to gain. I am thoroughly satisfied about my purchase and i know that you will be also. Thank you CG Automotive Group, you have made me the happiest man and my wife can drive safely at night to see everything on the road. Daytime all year round!!!!!"Orlando

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