Alison Eger
Good Lights

They really made a big difference with being able to see at night. My old ones are junk compared to these. It also came with some yellow shields to go over the bulbs in case I wanted a more yellow color. I didn't use them but it's nice to have the option. My husband installed these with no problems. There was a small issue with a bulb being cracked, but customer service was great and they are sending a replacement right away. Overall I am very satisfied with these lights.

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These lights are great. They are much brighter than the stock bulbs I replaced. The installation was extremely simple. No problems at all. I really like the fact that you could adjust the lights my simply twisting them after they were installed. It was very easy to get them just right and they click into place with each rotation so they'll stay where you want them one you get them adjusted correctly. Highly recommended

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Robert S
Lights the night

They come in a super nice, organized and well packaged box. It's almost like they were packaged my apple. The install was super easy, as was to be expected. But what surprised me was the quality of the lights. There's not much more to say other than they're super bright. Better than the oem ones I had before and they make it very easy to see the road.

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Venus Carney
Five Stars

They were great an very bright.

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Jaspreet Doung
Amazing lights

At first I wasn’t sure if this product was worth it but I’m glad I bought this kit. The packaging is very nice. The bulbs themselves are very well built. They were pretty easy to install in my Jeep Wrangler. The HUGE difference is what I could see at night after I put them in. WoW. It was literally like night and day. I definitely feel safer on the road at night. I can see things I didn’t even know existed. THANKS!

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Jason Goffe
LEDs were the best option; So I looked into LED Headlights

I just bought a new 2014 Honda Accord and based on research and plain common sense, LEDs were the best option; So I looked into LED Headlights and found several options but did not fit all my criteria.
My criteria:

1.Low Power Consumption
2.Has Anti-Flicker and Error FREE (CANBUS)Technology built in
3.Easy to install for a novice like myself
4.Won’t heat up and melt my headlight housing
5.Has no moving parts so things have a lower likelihood of not working or going bad
6.Has warranty just in case it doesn’t work out of the box or during normal use
7.Has a similar beam pattern to my stock halogens just much Brighter

After several weeks of searching, I found these CG Automotive LED Headlights that seems to fit everything I wanted.

I want to be as accurate as possible with my review as possible so anyone looking into this kit will get a clear understanding of what to expect:

First and most importantly, the kit JUST WORKS

1.Packing is designed nicely with quite a bit on information included
2.The bulbs look and feel very well made
3.Comes with an fairly easy to follow installation manual (although I didn’t use it just some good ol common sense)
4.Has the pair of bulbs with a slim decoder attached to each
5.Took me about 10-15 min to install
6.The color output is like a pure white
7.The difference is literally like night and day when I have them on in the night time. They light up the road and street signs a fair distance ahead of me.
8.They don’t blind other drivers so I have no worries of getting pulled over

That’s it! I’m very happy with my purchase and I will do a follow up in a few months.
1/15/16, 12:15 PM

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Thomas Vision Films
Great buy

I agonized over this decision to purchase these lights for a few weeks. I was afraid that these lights would start flickering or give me a check engine light based on a lot of the reviews I've read about other similar brands. But to my pleasant surprise this kit has the anti-flicker and no check engine light technology built right in.

The headlight kit itself came in a very nice package displaying it various features. The build quality of the lights look and feel very durable. After I removed my old bulbs the lights were very easy to install.

The lights have a high end look to them and provide more visibility to the road when driving at night. Overall a really great buy.

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Peter D. Mar
Very bright fanless design LED headlights with low power consumption

They put out a lot of light output for given amount of wattage. I have notice when cranking the engine with the headlights on, the headlights doesn’t even dim. I think it’s because the output is regulated which means even when operating at a slightly higher voltage the lights remains at the same brightness. Also no warm-up is necessary, they reach full brightness when you first turn them on.

When using these on a non-projection headlight housing be sure to slightly aim the lights lower than using tungsten filament bulbs to avoid blinding other drivers.

These LED lights was fairly easy to install. It does not require any special wiring practically plug-and-play unlike some HID headlights.

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Dodge Ram 1500, 2016, Big Horn

These are the only leds that work on my Dodge Ram 1500 Big Horn, 2016. The decoder is built in. Extremely well made. In addition, I have used the cellophane inserts to change the kelvin, (light color) to in the yellow 3k range. They work great, in fact flawless.

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I am greatly happy about this product. exactly as they described it, is exactly how I received it. They are 1,000 times brighter than factory and HID factory and after market. Honestly if you do not have this item on your car to help you see at night, then you are not seeing at all. Trust me i am a car enthusiast and love to try new things and get the best for my dollar. You have nothing to loose and so much to gain. I am thoroughly satisfied about my purchase and i know that you will be also. Thank you CG Automotive Group, you have made me the happiest man and my wife can drive safely at night to see everything on the road. Daytime all year round!!!!!

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Amazon Customer
I suggest that these are good rules to follow for anyone getting LEDs

I purchased these bulbs after doing a little bit of homework on LED tech: (http://thealienpebble.com/read/2015/10/14/the-best-oem-headlamp-bulb-replacement-leds). After a little digging, I figured (1) I would only buy LED bulbs that have a heat sink instead of a fan, and (2) I wouldn't by any LED bulbs that didn’t have anti-flicker technology built in (after all I wasn't about to cut the wire harness of my new purchase to install a resistor to have a steady beam). I suggest that these are good rules to follow for anyone getting LEDs. So far so good on these, they’re good looking, bright and don't flicker.

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Better then I had hoped for.

I have bought these lights to use as low beams inside a stock projector housings on Mazda3. They are a lot brighter than the halogen lights and as bright as the brightest portion of 35w hid, but they cover a lot wider area (both down and to the sides). They still produce a sharp cut off at the top of beam, and come on instantly to full brightness. In my application (projector housings) they work even better than I had hoped for. I am very happy with my purchase.

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Jaspreet Doung
They work well with my Honda CR-V

I couldn't wait to install these lights especially because its difficult for me to see at night. I installed them with no issues. These are the best bang for your buck LED kits I've found so far. They are bright and I can see much better at night and it doesn't hurt that the color is also nice.

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Sebastian Grunewald
Pure white light (H11 / 6500k) - GREAT!

Installed these LEDs H11 (6500k) in my 06 Lexus IS350, went in easily and are quiet bright (pure white color, not yellow or blue hues) which matches my LED fog lights perfectly. So far pleased with my purchase and shipping was quick and product is at a reasonable price and quality.

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Excellent lights. Easy to install in my kia forte5 ...

Excellent lights. Easy to install in my kia forte5 '15. Nice and white to match the led lights and appear brighter than stock but havent tested in a truly dark area yet.

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A Steal!

I LOVE these LED headlights!They seem like natural daylight at night and I definitely recommend them to anyone in need to light their way through a foggy day or if it's a really dark night.

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Five Stars

Super bright

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Bright White with no Traces of Blue or Yellow

• A beautiful, cool white
• Bright but not blinding
• Connectors fit well
• Comes with sleeves to color the light
• They have been working well for a while!

• Ran into a snag with fitting them into my Jeep.

I am using these to replace my stock halogen bulbs in my 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee. I went with LED because I like the color vs HIDs. The color is a nice; pure white without any hints of blue or yellow. These are not super mega 1000000k watt bulbs, but to me that is a pro. My goal was to improve my current headlights, and not to blind other drivers. Previously, when I drove on the road, I was not able to tell if my headlights were on or not. With these headlights, I can easily see the light on the road.
It came with several different shades of blue and yellow as an option. I am not providing pictures of this because I do not want color in my headlights. It appears to be film that you peel off and wrap around the bulb.
I did have some problems installing these into my 02 Jeep Grand Cherokee. The bulbs and connectors fit fine and I was able to stuff the extra box into a nice little space; however, the bigger end didn’t stick out far enough from the housing. The housing for my headlight had 3 raised screws that were blocking the light from going far enough into the housing to spin and lock in place. I solved this issue by removing those screws and drilling new holes. It seems that this is a freak incident though and I am certain this is an issue with my car; not with the lights.
I will keep updates on the life of the bulbs but I am hoping they last for a long while. They felt strong and don’t flicker. I didn’t have a problem with having to turn the connector around either like many other products seem to require.
Overall, I am very happy with them and would recommend them if you just want to change the color of your light to a nice white and gain a little more brightness. Besides the issues with my awkward housing, they fit well and my headlights are still nicely sealed. I highly recommend these. I took pictures of them on my car, but you couldn't tell a color difference in the picture. In person though, trust me, they are pure white. I will try and take some more pictures and get a true white balance
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I have received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review; my rating has not been influenced.

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Zac Briggs
I have bought and tried two other LED headlight bulbs for the jeep and both sets gave me a low beam out warning and then shuts d

Finally a light that doesn’t give me a warning light and shut down the circuit in our 2014 Jeep Cherokee. I have bought and tried two other LED headlight bulbs for the jeep and both sets gave me a low beam out warning and then shuts down the circuit (due to the decreased power draw of the LED) which of course makes them completely useless. I was somewhat concerned with this design because I didn’t know if the fan would fit in the housing with the power box but had no problems getting the box slid in and then screwing the light in after that. The back cover of the housing slid on and screwed back in without any resistance so I don’t believe that there was any clearance issues. These lights were also made out of a metal base (the area that actually screws in plus the fan shroud) which I did not see on the other models that I had previously purchased. The lights came with a couple of different shield lens pieces that could be installed to change the color of the light output. I did not use any of these but they are included. The lights do seem to put off a bluer tint of light than the ones I have installed in my wrangler but they look very clean. Doesn’t match perfectly to the LED group that is right over the top of the headlights but I didn’t really expect that to happen anyway. Overall I am extremely impressed with the quality of these lights and would recommend them to anyone with a newer mopar vehicle with the light sensing computers.
Im required to disclose that I received this product at a discounted rate in exchange for my review. This had no impact on my review of this product because honest reviews are how I make decisions when I buy products on amazon too.

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Penny Brown
No flickering and extremely bright!!

This headlight kit came nicely packaged and shipped extremely fast. It came with several different films to change the color of the light. They were also very easy to install and they are very heavy duty built. I researched a lot prior to ordering these bulbs and similar products to these had trouble with the lights "flickering" and these are ANTI-FLICKERING. They haven't given me any problems. They make it so much easier to see while driving at night because they are very bright. I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review. BEST LED!

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Easy to install.
Very bright.
High quality.
Good price.
I received these at a discount in exchange for my review.

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